Meeting Plan

The annual face-to-face meetings will be the primary forum of scientific exchange and quality assurance. The plan of formal annual meetings is shown in the table below.

No. Time  Place Organizer Focus
 1  Feb 2011  Copenhagen, DK  UCPH.X  Kick-off, environmental sampling
 2*  Sep 2011  Yellowstone, USA  MAUUSA  Metagenomics
 3  Sept 2012  Wageningen, NL  WU  1st Annual Meeting
 4  May 2013  Greece, GR  NTUA  2nd Annual Meeting
 5  Sept 2014  Exeter, UK  UNEXE  Summary, exploitation

*. The US partner, MAUUSA, will host the bi-annual international conference Thermophiles, in September 2011 in Yellowstone where a satellite meeting on HotZyme will be held.

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